Helena Bonham Carter – I love her style, her daring nature of choosing eclectic roles – and she’s married to Tim Burton, sooooo I’m pretty sure Burton wouldn’t be affiliated with anyone that closely if they weren’t as wonderful or as genius as he is. Focusing on her acting though, she’s just amazing. Truly talented actress, she’s almost indescribable. You just have to watch her act. 

Meryl Streep – Do I even have to say anything about her? Everyone knows how amazing she is. Just take in how many Oscar nominations she got this year. She is such a powerful actress, and dominates the screen even if she isn’t the only main character. Streep also is ridiculously skilled at showing restrained emotion on camera, allowing viewers to understand the emotion her character is experiencing without blatantly expressing it. She’s versatile, and for me, she is the best female actor of this time.

Anne Hathaway – INCREDIBLE actress. I love her so much, she’s definitely one of my favourite younger actresses. Her diverse role choices showcase her different acting abilities wonderfully, and you can see she’s one of those versatile actresses.

Kate Winslet – to be edited.

Angelina Jolie – Great actress who really knows how to empower the female figure, but an even better activist. I admire her because she takes her fame and media powers and uses it to raise awareness on other countries and their social issues. The act I most remember being really impressed by was in Changeling because it was different and more emotional and raw, unlike most of her commercial movies she’s been in.

Natalie Portman – She really knows how to portray vividly the emotions her character is experiencing and then also evoke emotion in her audiences.  Her role in Black Swan is by far the most perfect showcasing of these acting abilities. 

Keira Knightley – She’s a strong actor and demands full attention when she’s on screen. (To be edited)

Judie Dench – This woman is so captivating. She really knows how to play strong female characters, and she has this thing about her that captures everyone’s attention when she’s on screen. Even if there are other great actors on screen, I think most people can say that our eyes automatically stray away from everything else that’s going on in that scene, and our eyes are drawn to her. Just wow. 

Dakota Fanning – Never knew such a young actor who was so talented, dedicated to her work, and as mature as her. For her age, it’s incredible what she has accomplished. She’s not afraid to play different kinds of roles, and I can see so much potential in her. Her career is just hitting off, and I can’t wait to see her as a mature and even more experienced actress in the future. I hope to see her continuing in taking on and developing in more serious roles. 

Julia Roberts – She has this light in her that she fully showcases in all her acting roles. She’s empowering, enthusiastic, and energetic in her acting. I love that she can take what could have been fairly simple characters and adds dynamic  and personality to them.

Sandra Bullock – To be edited.


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