Johnny Depp – My favourite actor of all-time. Seriously. Ever since I was like 12 years old, I’ve adored this actor. When I was a teenager, I started buying all his movies, and I’d watch his movies over and over again. I just love watching him act. And it was because of him (and Tim Burton) that I ended up realizing my love for film. He’s SUCH a versatile actor, and no one does it better than him. He gets in and out of character like it’s nothing. He is THE definition of an incredible actor. Overall, by watching his interviews, he seems like an insanely cool guy… and the one thing I love most about him is that he’s so secretive. I tend to admire actors/actresses who don’t talk all about their personal lives. There’s something more intriguing about an actor when he’s more private.

James Franco – A man who’s always on the move. No one will ever understand how much I look up to this man. Not only is he an actor, he goes to school full-time, teaches at NYU and still manages to work. He’s even getting into directing (which I think he’s got potential in becoming a great director). I love that he chooses different roles to play, and then he does them extremely well. He never half-asses anything.

Brad Pitt – Again, one of my favourite actors. I’ll go see anything he is in because he tends to choose great movies to work on. He also plays versatile characters, and can pull off different accents pretty well. He’s right up there with Johnny Depp in terms of great acting.

Robert Downey Jr. – This man truly is an inspiration. He’s hit rock bottom and then he still managed to pick himself right back up, and has now brought himself into an incredibly successful career. He’s a charismatic, magnetic and talented actor who plays different kinds of roles all the time and pulls them off wonderfully. He’s the kind of actor that pulls the audience’s attention to him when he’s on screen, and when he’s off it we’re left wondering “I wonder when Robert Downey Jr. will come back on screen?” 

Morgan Freeman – I don’t know why I love this actor so much. I guess that is what’s so intriguing about him. He captures your attention so effortlessly. I don’t know how, or what his secret is, but he makes every movie better. Simple.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – I know a lot of people don’t necessarily view him as a great actor, but I’d beg to differ. Sure, his earlier movies aren’t his best performances, but lately he’s been consciously choosing what kinds of films to be in and what kinds of roles to play. He chooses different kinds of characters each time, and he’s brilliant at setting up a character with certain mannerisms and behaviours. What I love about him the most is that he chooses to be in films because of the art of it, not based on how much money he’s getting (based on interviews of him). He also runs HitREcord, which is an open-collaborative production company and this really shows his pro activeness in getting people to contribute to art regardless if you’re in Hollywood or not. (I’ve been seriously considering participating in this organization for a while now)

Cristoph Waltz – I mean have you seen him in Inglourious Basterds?! He stole the show! And overall, he’s an incredible actor who has the ability to get in and out of character effortlessly.

Leonardo DiCaprio – I realized DiCaprio’s acting talent as soon as I watched him as a younger actor in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (alongside Johnny Depp), when he played an 18-year-old handicapped boy. I know many people who don’t believe he’s as great as people say he is, and I think that’s because they’ve only seen the movies in which he plays relatively the same sorts of characters, like in Christopher Nolan’s action movies and such. But if they discovered DiCaprio’s different roles, they would see what most see in him – a great actor.

Jake Gyllenhaal – I think he’s a great actor because he’s daring, and isn’t afraid to play different kinds of roles. He’s fearless, and he chooses great movies to act in and isn’t afraid to tell unusual stories.

Andrew Garfield – Incredible, incredible actor. He’s young and has just hit off his career with The Amazing Spider-Man movie, but I can see he has great potential to become an even better actor. I’ve known about him before the famous spider-man movie, and realized his potential from early on, especially from the movie Never Let Me Go with Carrey Mulligan. He’s got talent, and let’s not forget his efforts for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation with Dr. Jane Aronson… it’s really refreshing to see young actors/actresses like him who are using their fame and media powers for a greater cause.

Marlon Brando – to be edited.

Jack Nicholson – to be edited.

James Dean – to be edited.

Heath Ledger – to be edited.

Matt Damon – to be edited.


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