Jack Reacher (2012)

Jack Reacher was filed under the action genre. That must have been a mistake because most audiences were laughing the entire way through, and I think people can agree it would be better off categorized as comedy. And even THEN it would have been a terrible comedy.

The idea was there. The story had potential. Too much was unbearably predictable, however, and too much was uncomfortable to watch. I blame it partly on the acting. The actors were horrible to watch, but I guess it was because the context in which they were acting was awkward.

Most of the blame though, has to be on the writer. The script was absolutely terrible. I mean… I haven’t seen such a terribly written movie like this one in a long time. I could tell the movie was going to be a bad one as early on as the beginning scene… there was no dialogue, but not only that, I was already losing interest. If I hadn’t watched it in theatres, I would have abandoned that movie. There were too many awkward scenes, which made it uncomfortable to watch (like where the guy had to try to eat off his own fingers. But WHY? What was the point of that scene? Like the guy didn’t even end up biting it off anyway, so there was hardly any shock value.. it just made no sense and felt like such an amateur scene because it should have been removed). There was an absence of chemistry between the two characters, Jack and his “love interest”, and an absence of any emotional invocation for that matter.

This movie was awful, not even in the slightest entertaining, unless you’re the type to be able to extract yourself from the context of the film and look at it with some sense of humour. I guess some could just point and laugh, but I couldn’t. It was just such an empty movie. I feel like they made this movie just so they could drive around in nice cars.



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