Julie & Julia (2009)

Julie & Julia is a light comedy that takes us on Julie Powell’s journey of becoming a published writer. More specifically, we follow Julie as she decides she wants something more out of life and begins a year-long project in which she takes Julia Child’s cook book and cooking lesson videos, cooks up all her recipes in her first book, and then blogs about it everyday. We also get to see Julia Child’s start in the cooking profession and the struggles she faced in publishing her book.

The show is stolen entirely by Meryl Streep, since her acting skills are impeccable as she portrays the vibrant Julia Child, right down to her mannerisms and speaking ticks. She was cast alongside Stanley Tucci, who plays her husband Paul Child. These two work brilliantly well together, and Tucci also brings something of his own to the table in his performance. Amy Adams also did a good job acting as a blogger, showing us different mood swings and generally providing us a sense of what it felt like for the real Julie Powell undergoing the ups and downs in her project.

The cinematography was well done, especially in the flashback scenes. It added a certain sense of nostalgia, which was necessary as we were going back in time to see the real story of Julia Child unfold in front of our eyes.

The storyline was rather unique, in the sense that this has never been done before. The story is light, funny, and provides an overall feel-good movie. At the very end, however, I felt a sense of disappointment when Julia said she didn’t like Julie’s blog and that Julie and Julia never even met in person… but although it left me kind of dissatisfied with the ending, I guess that disappointment really illustrated what the character of Julie was feeling, and in that way I’m glad the film stayed in the realms of reality, as this was based on true events. The dose of reality is the added touch of this film, creating a certain atmosphere that leaves the viewers thinking about how this may relate to their own lives, which is something everyone can take away from Julie & Julia.


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